ReStores of Forsyth County will reopen to shoppers and donors on Saturday, May 9, following the start of Phase 1 of Governor Cooper’s reopening plan.

As of May 5, we are accepting requests for donation pick-ups. With a backlog of requests, it may take up to 72 hours for a team member to return any new requests for pick-ups. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the backlog. Pick-ups will begin on Tuesday, May 12.

ReStore staff are preparing for the “new normal” of operating a retail store open to the public in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Changes we are working to implement in our ReStores:

  1. clear plastic sneeze guards at the cashier stations will be installed.
  2. Social distancing markers on the sales floor near the cashier stations.
  3. One-way traffic flow indicators on the sales floor for added social distancing.
  4. Maintaining customer count within the stores limited to 20% of the fire Marshall standards
  5. It is recommended that customers wear facemask and use hand sanitizer or gloves when entering the stores
  6. Shopping carts or shopping baskets will be cleaned after each use

Changes to the donation process:

  1. Donor Ambassadors will not enter any donor’s home until further notice. We ask that donors place items in the exterior of their home or in a garage or under a covered porch.
  2. The donor ambassadors will be spray donated merchandise with disinfectant as soon as it is put onto the truck.
  3. The Donor Ambassadors will wear mask and gloves at all times and sanitize their hands after each pick-up. Once they return to the stores, they will wash their hands with soap and water.
  4. Donor Ambassadors will drive with the windows down and vents opened when possible to help with the ventilation of the truck.
  5. Donor Ambassador will disinfect their truck at the end of each day. This includes but not limited to: handles, steering wheel, dashboard, seat belts, radio, and anything thing else that may have been touched during the work day.
  6. Once the donations reach the stores, the merchandise will be cleaned with the approved process such as disinfectants or steamed before processing to the sales floor.
  7. During drop-off donations at the rear of each store, the donation team will use social distance when interacting with donors. It would be preferred if the donor could stay in the vehicle when possible.
  8. The donation should be sprayed with the disinfectant and left outside for 10 minutes before bringing them inside to be processed.
  9. Once in the processing area, all donation should be sprayed and wiped with at approve disinfectant or steamed before being taken to the sales floor.

Other procedures implemented to keep everyone safe:

  1. All staff, volunteers, and donors will complete a 5 questions questionnaire before being allowed to work, volunteer and donors.
  2. All staff and volunteers will be temperature checked before being allowed to work if the staff member or volunteer’s temperature is 100.4 or higher, they will not be allowed to work that day.
  3. All staff and volunteers will be required to wear face mask, disposable gloves, and protective eyewear during their workday.
  4. All staff and volunteers will be required to wash their hands at a minimum of 2 times per hour.
  5. ReStore staff will use an EPA-approved disinfectant cleaner with claims against emerging viral pathogens to clean workstations, computers, phones and office equipment after each use.
  6. ReStore staff will have access to one designated bathroom label (Staff only) the other restroom will be for the public to reduce virus transmission. Staff restrooms will be cleaned 3 times a day and the public restroom every two hours.
  7. ReStore staff and volunteers will not share tools at this time; all tools must be wiped down with a disinfectant between uses.
  8. ReStore staff will develop training for volunteers regarding Covid-19, its symptoms, its transmission and how to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in the workplace.
  9. ReStore staff and volunteers have been reminded of and will follow proper sneeze and cough etiquette.
  10. ReStore staff and volunteers will be required to use disposable gloves when processing donations, and they must utilize appropriate and proper fitting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task-at-hand per OSHA guidelines.
  11. The ReStore will leave those doors deemed safe to remain open to allow for more ventilation within the stores. Fans will be used to help with the ventilation process also.
  12. Shopping carts or shopping baskets are required to be cleaned after each use
  13. Cashier stations, POS keyboards, telephones, sneeze guards, and other items in the customer service area must be cleaned at any change of staff or every two hours at a minimum.
  14. Signage will be maintained to convey to the public all the safety procedures HFHFC is implementing to keep STAFF, VOLUNTEERS and DONORS Safe.
  15. ReStore Managers will maintain CDC and OSHA guidelines in the workplace for both ReStore Staff and ReStore Volunteers.  ReStore Managers are also responsible providing all necessary PPE in the workplace; PPE must be properly fitting and appropriate for the task-at-hand according to OSHA guidelines.