Before You Apply

Currently enrollment for our homeownership program is closed, however we invite you to review the information below to learn more about the qualifications and process of the  program. 
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Qualification Guidelines

You must answer yes to three or four of the following questions to qualify for the Habitat homeownership process.

  1. Have you had steady income for the last 12 months?
  2. Have you lived in Forsyth County for the last 12 months?
  3. Is it overcrowded in your home?
  4. Are you living in sub-standard housing?
  5. Are you making monthly payments on all your debts?
  6. Are you willing to work 300-400 social engagement, or sweat equity, hours on Habitat homes?
  7. Does your total family income fall within the guidelines listed below?
2020 Income Guidelines
Family Size  Annual Income
1 $16,363 – $37,400
2 $18,703 – $42,750
3 $21,044 – $48,100
4 $23,363 – $53,400
5 $25,244 – $57,700
6 $27,103 – $61,950
7 $28,984 – $66,250
8 $30,844 – $70,500
  • Non-Medical Collections Accounts must be less than $3,000
  • No bankruptcies/foreclosures in the last five years
Rental History:
  • Minimum 12 month rental history
Down Payment:
  • Ability to save at least $1,800 to cover closing costs that will vary between $1,800 -$2,000
Mini Application and Forms

These are the forms needed to complete the Mini Application process:

  • Mini Application
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Income
Instructions for submitting your Mini Application
  1. Fill out all six sections of Mini Application.
  2. Proof of Income: Fill out top portion of employer verification form and have your employer fill out bottom portion
    • Applicant and Co-applicant must provide proof of income.
    • If Applicant / Co-applicant are receiving disability, social security, or retirement, please turn if proof of receiving this type of income for the year of 2020.
    • If Applicant / Co-applicant are currently receiving child support and will be continuing to receive for the next 3 years, please turn in the court ordered documentation that should include:
      1. name of the courthouse/county where this took place
      2. name of the child/children who you are receiving the amount for
      3. name of the person/adult paying the child support
      4. amount of how much the court has ordered them/adult to pay
      5. effective/start date
      6. name of the clerk/signature or seal
    • If Applicant / Co-applicant are self-employed, please provide your 2019 tax return.
  3. Proof of Residency: Fill out top portion of landlord verification form and have your landlord fill out bottom portion
    • If you are unable to reach/contact your private landlord, please turn in a copy of your lease agreement for the year of 2020 and submit resident verification form
  4. Submit: Mini application, proof of income (employer verification form) and proof of residency (landlord verification form) must all be submitted together in one of three ways:  
    • EMAIL:
    • MAIL: Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, ATTN: Estela Torres, 1023 W. 14th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
    • IN-PERSON: Due to measures currently in place because of COVID-19, you will need to call ahead before dropping off your materials. 336.306.8402