The Martin Family Achieves their Dream

romonica-and-donell-martinThis holiday season is special for the Martin family – Romonica and Donell and their children: Shymonte, 11, and Donell Jr., 2. This will be their first holiday season in their new home.

The Martins began the Habitat homeownership program in spring 2015. During that time life threw them a few curveballs, but they continued working toward their goal of owning a home.

With two working adults, the Martins needed a second car. Just days after the Martins purchased their car it was hit by an uninsured driver. The damage left the car unable to be driven and the Martins had to leave the car parked for seven months while they saved up the money for the repairs.

They juggled two full-time jobs, children, and busy schedules to complete the Habitat homeownership process which includes financial education, various classes, construction hours, and volunteer hours. Romonica got rides and regularly rode the bus to and from work and to fulfill the family’s Habitat requirements.

Their perseverance has paid off. Last December, the Martins were able to get their car back on the road and volunteers worked alongside the Martins to raise the walls of their future home, amid rain and snow. Finally, in June, they closed on the house and moved in. Like all other Habitat homeowners, they make monthly mortgage payments that allow us to help more families.

“I am still in disbelief,” Romonica said. “But if I had to do it all over again, I would. Habitat is such a great program, and I’ve actually referred several more people. Some people I talk to say they’re not ready. I didn’t think I was ready, either, but the people at Habitat showed me I could do it. You have to work for it, but it is worth it.”

In this busy season, we often forget that so many others struggle to afford things we may take for granted, like buying a home or paying for a major car repair. A Habitat home is a strong foundation for families – an opportunity to build a better, healthier, and more financially stable life.

In this season of giving, please add Habitat Forsyth to your giving list!